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Example Marketing Campaign Schedule

Weeks out Task
Up to 52 or more Include events in your package offers or subscription season
12 Organise print materials (poster, flyers); negotiate displays for posters
12 Research marketing/promotional partnerships (eg bookshops, local cinema) and identify partners with appropriate customer bases. If targeting their e-news or hard copy newsletter, check timing with your dates.
11 Research local and regional media opportunities; if planning radio or TV ads, organise production of advertisements; cooperate with other venues on the tour to save money.
10 Write copy for direct mail and email, your e-news, etc; design email and direct mail campaigns.
8 Contact other tour venues to plan collaborative social media.
6 Send first email and direct mail (letter and flyer) campaign, with early bird offers if using. Monitor response.
6 Distribute posters for display. If using, distribute flyers for display. Remember to check with flyer display venues and top-up regularly.
4 Write media release. Contact local/regional media re editorial coverage.
4 Activate social media: post links to YouTube video teasers, artists, blogs, other tour venues Facebook pages, etc. Monitor response.
3 Reminder email/direct mail campaign to non-respondents.
3 Check posters are in place, replace if required. Top up flyer displays.
2 Check in with media contacts re what they plan to publish. Organise interviews with artists.
2 Post regular social media updates, links to interviews with artists, tour crew blogs, audience quotes and vox pops from other tour venues, etc
2 Monitor sales daily. Prepare to activate special offers via email and/or social media to specific groups if required; but remember many sales will come within the last 2 weeks. Hold your nerve if you already have a strong sales trend.
1 Activate special offers to specific groups if required to boost sales.
Performance night Sit back and enjoy the show; have a drink at interval, you’ve earned it
Analyse/report Gather your response and sales tracking data and analyse which aspects of your marketing worked best, and note for the future.